Senior Level CV Writing Services

The internationally trusted CV writing service for executives, C-suite professionals, and board members.

Using our forensic interview process, we can help create a professional, tailored and concise CV that significantly increases the likelihood of being invited to attend an interview.

Presidents or Vice Presidents

Country or Regional Head

C - Suite Executives

MDs, Directors

Major Craig McBurney
Major Craig McBurney
Global Security Operations and Logistics Director, Middle East

"My success rate at gaining an interview is 100%, and all comment on what an excellent CV I have."

"Is your current CV a true reflection of your career?"

Our process will capture your successes and accelerate your interview options

  • Targeted Assistance

    We help you focus on what is required and not what you think is required, supporting you each step of the way.

  • Expert Knowledge

    Our competency-based forensic consultation is designed to extract all the details required to write a compelling professional CV and supporting documents.

  • Accelerated Results

    Our process will improve your CV focus and your commercial appeal, thereby increasing your success rate, earning potential and career prospects*

Tracey Thomas Grieves Pryce Professional CV Writing and Executive Career Coach

Tracey Thomas

Managing Director
Having over 25 years of experience, I always expect our Team to give the leading service in Career Support.
Managing Partner, Zurich

"When I received my rewritten CV, I was so impressed! After more than 1 hour of interview, I got the best summary of my career and strengths in a way I could hardly imagine."

CV Writing Services for Senior Level Professionals

Can a professional CV service elevate your profile and your career?

If you are a Board Director, Country GM, Vice President, or Non-Executive Director, ambitious and ready to progress your career, we would advise that you consider the competitive nature of the application process for any role and how your current CV would fair.

Therefore, for every role that you apply for, you have to consider this; how are you presenting yourself, and how is your current CV representing you? Is your current CV a true reflection of your career?

Our approach is to assess your current CV and career, interview you, and create a professional CV tailored to the role you desire.

We follow a meticulous and thorough process that is aimed at improving your CV and increasing your chances of being noticed by recruiters and employers. Our approach is forensic and rigorous, and it helps you become more aware of how your achievements, responsibilities, and core competencies align with the current employment market. The CV writing service package that we offer is designed to enhance the level of interest from potential employers and improve your chances of getting called for an interview.


Discuss your career

Our competency-based forensic consultation is designed to extract all the details required to write a compelling professional CV and supporting documents.

Plan and Direction

Together, we will chart a path to your next career move. We will work hand in hand to determine your career direction, create a solid plan, and focus your CV to make you stand out. You can count on us to provide the level of support you need to achieve your goals.

Improved success

The process will enhance your focus and improve your commercial appeal, leading to increased success, earning potential, and career prospects.*

Expert Advice

This Senior Level CV is suitable for Non-Executive Directors and C-Level Executives, including Presidents, Vice Presidents, Country Managers, Group Managing Directors and other Main Board Directors.

It includes the following:

An initial consultation and expert assessment to ascertain fully your needs and requirements.

A critique of any existing CV documents if necessary.

One to one telephone/Skype/Zoom consultations with our Partner/Senior Consultant to assess your strengths, key achievements, and future career aspirations.

A high-impact, professional Senior Level CV emailed to you in MS Word & PDF format within an agreed time frame (approx. 5-7 working days as standard or an agreed schedule).

Full, complimentary advice for managing the various stages of your job search.

"The team is highly skilled and professional, knowing exactly how to highlight the main attributes of your professional experience that will resonate amazingly on the resume.

Petar Babic

Senior Director, Telecoms, Middle East

I am very pleased with the results. The CV emphasized all of the right points in a very well-worded concise manner. I would certainly recommend the services of Grieves Pryce.


Lead Architectural Project Director, Qatar

Our team is ready to provide you with the support you require, so don't hesitate to take action

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