Twesume and the Vine CV

The #twesume and how to condense your Resume or CV into 140 characters or less has been doing the rounds for quite a while but seems to be gathering a head of steam again. For those of you that have not climbed aboard the twitter band waggon, the twesume is a way of using twitter to promote your cv by describing yourself in an interesting way abbreviated to 140 characters.

The more savvy twitter users are putting a link to an actual CV in the tweet, and those that are really on the pulse of social media are going one step further with the incorporation of a Vine video (Vine is available on the iPhone App Store. A vine video is a 6 second looping video that can be posted to the network, and it has quite a creative feel with people using animation and stop motion to condense what would otherwise be a clip longer than 6 seconds. Some have used it to give their #twesume another dimension such as what is claimed to be the worlds first Vine Resume/CV by the journalist Dawn Siff:
[iframe src=”” width=”325px” height=”340″]

The bottom line according to Dawn is that the Vine Resume did not get her the job it came down to good old fashioned networking and a referral from a friend. However, the employer was impressed with the video which was introduced by Dawn when the opportunity arose. Dawn produced an infographic to explain how she approached her job search and the effort that she put in. Personally, I think the most telling aspect is the date stamp at the top and how long it took her to secure a position: 6 months and 4 days.

[image source_type=”url” source_title=”Dawn Siff Infographic” source_value=”” autoHeight=”true”]

CV Takeaway:
[list style=”list2″ color=”green”]

  • A Professional CV or Resume will create an opportunity
  • Networking is still a major key to finding employment
  • Being creative with your approach can help you secure a role
  • Sometimes, it does not happen overnight


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