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Linkedin; Continued evolution

Whilst watching our twitter feed this morning, Bill Boorman gave his impressions of Linkedin and its constant beta state. For the non technical, this translates as ongoing change and improvement measured by the time and interaction with the site. For job seekers and those in a position it gives an insight into how Linkedin and need to be on it is a critical feature of recruitment now and for the foreseeable future;


[blockquote align=”center” cite=”@BillBoorman”]LinkedIn are on a constant path of change. Jeff Weiner, CEO of the professional networking giant describes this as a state of constant beta. The long term aims of the channel are shrouded in secrecy, but if you keep up with the changes it is easy to see a pattern developing. In the last quarters financial results Weiner commented that the company had made significant investments in increasing their sales team and in developing product. Each time I log in, something looks different or has moved to a different position on the screen. Whilst these changes might seem cosmetic, they are changing the way users are interacting with the platform, and this means recruiters need to be rethinking their LinkedIn strategy. The trend over time was for using LinkedIn from outside of the channel, with users relying on e-mail and third party applications to interact and keep up. At one time the average user only visited the channel 1.9 times a month. Most notably, engagement levels were low, and the discussion was all around whether LinkedIn was a social channel at all. What is interesting to note is that since the recent redesign of the home page engagement is now at a record level for the channel because users are driven to the home page, and the home page now contains a stream for updates which increases engagement. One of the other new features enables users to determine which updates get displayed on their home page. The default is for all updates in time sequence, with a refresh button at the top of the stream to show the number of updates since you logged in to the channel. The display options are:[/blockquote]

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Recruiters: What the new LinkedIn means to you

Free CV review for 2012

Will you and your CV meet the criteria for 2012? (or how to avoid another fine mess)

Recruiters and employers are all saying the same thing; A CV has to make a positive visual and content statement about the person it represents. In a depressed recruitment market your CV has to be superior to that of your peers. In 2012 this trend will continue and also expand with social marketing playing an ever increasing role in the recruitment process. Social channels such as twitter, linkedin, facebook and google+ are looked at and scoured for information about you and your past but the CV is still, and will continue to be, the most important document for attracting interest from third parties. However, if you show neglect in any of these areas, you may find that you could be letting opportunities pass you by, ignore you completely, or that neglect could even cost you your current job.

Tips for optimising you in 2012

Take care of your social profile:

Watch for the ubiquitous photo tags and hash tags. Ensure that you are on top of your social image on twitter, facebook and google+. If something in your profile makes you recoil in horror, imagine how it looks to everyone else.

If you are currently employed and on Linkedin, make your profile an extension of your business card and not your CV. See this story and our previous article for more details.

Your CV:

Does it portray you in the most favourable light? People are often surprised to find that their CV is not as great as they think it is. There are many factors for this with the main being that most people have not referenced their CV against another. Thankfully, the internet now provides via image search the ability to see other variations of CVs, the content and layout. The downside is that the vast majority are average to poor and do not provide the content needed, but it is still possible, with a careful eye, to roughly gauge how your CV compares. The easiest way is to opt for a free CV review and let us make it easier for you. Just click here to go back to the homepage and fill in the form in the bottom right of your browser.

Change your CV and Career

Beat the worst day(s) of the year.

Christmas 2011, ’tis the time to be merry and full of goodwill, now 11 days in the past. Well hold onto those thoughts as the worst day of the year is bearing down on us but this year it has a partner in mood destruction as some sources are saying. Yes, this year you can take your pick from the 16th of January or 23rd of January, or if your inclined to wallow in dark thoughts, take both! Cliff Arnallis the chap behind the idea that you can calculate this event with the following formula

Formula devised to calculate the worst day of the year
How bad can it be?

What’s the alternative to staying in bed on these fateful days?

You could also ask us to help with your CV and career direction. Turn the month into a positive change event and make something great happen!

Came across this pithy piece in the Guardian by Dr Dean Burnett

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