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Has the pandemic further increased candidate CV visibility problems?

It certainly seems that there has been an accelerated shift to a lack of engagement with a prospective candidates CV. We are hearing more and more about how our new clients have been unable to gain a response to applications and general enquiries. This makes for already unsettling times becoming even more worrying and desperate than they need to be for you.

What can you do?

If you find yourself in this position then you have to question your approach to every job posting or firm and at the core of this will be your CV/resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter. It’s an easy option to just throw the old CV and cover letter at an application and hope for the best, but winging it this way has been past its sell-by date since the advent of ATS.

Hoping that the person reading the CV and cover letter can fill in the gaps in your career and add in the achievements that match you with the job criteria along the way just will not work in 2021, mainly because the “person” reading it is an ATS algorithm. You need to beat the machine.

Targeted responses beat the odds!

We can help you combat ATS by using 50+ years combined experience of senior-level recruitment and expertise assisting global executives to transition into new roles. We also listen intently to our new and returning clients about this ever-changing job market, the difficulties they face, and the wins they have had. For our clients, in hindsight, the wins are very simple; they asked us to help target a role in which they can demonstrate experience and knowledge.

Forensic approach: The devil really is in the detail.

As I mentioned earlier the ATS will sift your application, determine your capability, look to percentage score your CV based on the initial role description and determine what happens next. Recruiters want low hanging fruit, it makes the process of recruitment easier. Winner, winner, commission bonus payment, banked. Sounds harsh, but sadly it can be true!

I am going to be brutally honest now. Our consultation process with our clients is very challenging – we don’t hold back! We ask you to prepare and we dig deep, and for good reason – we want you to succeed when cross-examined at a formal interview. Our client forensic consultation is unique and rigorous, it also has a very positive effect on your mindset and will likely be the toughest interview you have had to date! From this position, we can write your targeted CV and cover letter, and create a LinkedIn profile that you’ll be proud of and will get you noticed. Essentially, you’re asking for your CV, supporting documents and career plan to undergo a proper restoration. We can help provide this expertise, knowledge, and move your career forward in the right direction.

But I can get a cheap CV?

You can. Generally, CV writers will write or rewrite what you provide them. Having not had the experience of global headhunting or a foundation in one of the Big Four it’s easy to understand that they lack the level of exposure to senior-level candidates and will not be able to question and segue to the next obvious question after your response. This is where the detail needed will be missed and with it your chance of getting past that ATS algorithm and pitching yourself above other candidates in terms of your tangible relevant achievements. Yes, you can buy a cheap CV, and for junior or unskilled workers then this is probably worthwhile, but if you are sat reading this and you are working at a senior level it is NOT the best choice for you.

Why choose us?

We offer a variety of services that we put together around your requirement, a targeted Executive CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letter can open up the next opportunity, but have you: 

  • Thought hard about what and where your next role could be? 
  • Had a fresh perspective on the exciting new avenues that could be open to you? 
  • Received expert guidance on where to search for the positions that are not advertised, and who’s radar you should be on in the headhunting community? 
  • Had interview coaching not only to achieve success but ensure the appointment is the right move for you at this time? 

If you know that a ‘CV farm’ approach is just not for you, have you considered engaging your very own virtual Career Manager to help identify pathways for you, focus your search, and navigate the minefield that is the executive job market, as well as ensuring you have interview-winning personal branding materials?

If this sounds like just the level of support you’ve been yearning for, then here at Grieves Pryce Global Executive, we have 50+ years of combined global, cross-functional executive CV writing, career management and search/selection expertise.

Please connect today for an introduction or visit  to start your journey to success in a new exciting way!

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