I have covered a diverse range of topics and tips regarding applying and managing the process of applying for a job but how do you manage your voicemail? Is your voicemail working correctly? I found out yesterday that my voicemail did not answer my calls and after a little targeted search on Google I discovered that I had to reset my visual voicemail. If you are an O2 customer and have an iPhone try this tip for changing the number of rings before your voicemail kicks in:

Turn 901 voice mail off by dialling 1760 from your iPhone. The lady on the line will confirm Voicemail has been deactivated.

Perform a Network reset on the iPhone. Home > Settings > General > Reset > Rest Network Settings

Send a SMS to 9011 with the word: STATE in the SMS. (Please note the word STATE needs to be in capital letters)

Once that is done give it a minute, then turn the iPhone off and then on.

Turn 901 voicemail back on by dialling 1750 from their iPhone. The lady on the line will confirm Voicemail has been activated.

Setup voicemail and then do a couple of test calls and leaving voicemail. Check functionality by turning your handset off/on and then going out of VVM and then back to check whether it asks to set it up again.

So that solution resolved my issue. But it also made me consider how your interaction or your agent of interaction (voicemail/email/spouse/partner/parent/child) responds when you are called after applying for a role?

[list style=”list4″ color=”green”]

  • Voicemail: Use a standard default setting. Do not use your own voice unless you have the ability to sound confident and upbeat in the message. Ensure your voicemail switches on when required and check that it is diverting correctly.
  • Email: Pick a simple email address that refers to you by name. (We have seen some truly horrendous email names and some of the most puerile imaginable)
  • Person: If you have to use a number that might be answered by someone else then consider how the person will answer and if indeed they need to answer?


All rudimentary? Are you thinking that you know all of this and everything smells of roses in your garden? Fair point. But do you know that most recruitment firms grade you as a candidate from those that considered superb down to those that do not grade at all? Your interaction with the recruiter can also be downgraded or upgraded by anyone that has contact with you from the agency.

Consider this:

You have sent your CV out and your phone or email remain painfully quiet – where do you think the issue might be?

(If you have a solution for reseting voicemail on a particular network then feel free to leave it here)

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